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Review of Inside Llewyn Davis (Warning: May be a Spoiler!)

Inside Llewyn Davis was for a fact, the most boring and uninteresting
movie I have ever watched. The movie starts off with a bit of a hook,
showing us the sad existence of a starving, couch surfing artist. But
after the first 15 minutes it became incredibly difficult to set my
smart-phone down. Nothing…. let me repeat, nothing of interest
happens from here on out.

As time progresses, the movie grids to a halt. We start watching the
grass grow as Llewyn comes to terms with the futility of his music
career. There is even his lucky break, which he misses out on,
foreshadowed as plain as day with no expert writing or development.

An orange cat’s cameo tries to spice up the movie a few times
throughout the movie (The three times I laughed in this movie had to do
with the cat). And when Llewyn makes an attempt to head back to his
normal career, he makes fun of his sick father and belittles his sister
in front of his nephew. Oh yeah and through this cinematic lobotomy,
Llewyn expresses what hes afraid of becoming if he leaves his glamorous
life, to a real world career.

The rave reviews and the fact that this movie is receiving much acclaim
has shown me how much politics are within the realm of Hollywood and
its critics. This is the biggest disaster of my life, watching the
Coen’s epic of what the pain of trying to be something great in this
world can really feel like. These are the kind of movies that make me
want to put a gun to my head. (Not for real, but man this movie sucked)

The pathetic melancholy and sad, over played events of a dull life have
been emphasized in this boring tale of how dreary life can look. So if
that is your cup of tea, and you need to elevate yourself by finding
grace in the viewing of others misery, please, watch this movie. For
the meantime, I will eat an entire box of table salt in hopes I can
re-stimulate the destroyed interest of my mind, body, and soul that
have been removed from me in the operation of Inside Llewyn Davis.
After all, I have just had all worth while stories and epics I have viewed as of late, be shredded to pieces by this atrocity that some call a movie.

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a dream… a self spoken eulogy… and a message.

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I feel so inspired tonight.  I am where I should be.  Let me lead my life forward with more love and forgiveness.  Let all who I encounter follow their hearts, dreams and visions of a better world.  Dreams of an interwoven reality is what I believe in.

There is past lives and there is future lives after death.  I do feel that my soul has finally reached a turning point. I’m not sure and there is no way of knowing, but I feel my soul may have inflicted much suffering before this life.  Much selfishness.  I know before this moment in time I hurt others.

May I now be free of that.  May I tip the scales lending a hand to the eternity of a better future for all humanity.  But may I remain humble enough to understand that it is not me alone who does this.  For we are all interwoven, drawn to this time, this plane, to help.

There are those driven to hurt, those of us tormented and blind, and those of us who have finally awoken.  May you all open up and see how this is true.  That humanity is broken but may be free’d upon this destiny.  Just allow it for this moment if your mind scoffs at what I have just presented.

Feel your humanity.  Express your thoughts and unbind yourself from your consciousness.  Stop being by the societal algorithms of force and control that keeps us locked down.  Down and away from mastery, peace, and dare I say… love.

I know we all hate at some point, and some of us don’t want to wake up.  It hurts so bad.  Why does it?  Because true freedom doesn’t seem to exist, does it?  Why stop dreaming?  Don’t stop dreaming.  Fight!  Don’t stop!  Remember why we are here.  And if you can’t see why, then please, I beg of you, look at our cosmic calendar.  The spec of dust we truly are.

See what I say in this manner.  Remain critical of everything if you must, but open your eyes to this freedom we have been gifted.  I am here, I am now, I am forever.  I have passed onto the next time.

Love has truly unbound me from the shackles of torment.  Past meets present now.  Shed light on the tears.  The future lies in all of your hands.  Embrace your every action now.  Don’t try to understand existence if you don’t wish to, or do so if you wish.

If there is one thing I can emote, or instill into any mind today, it is this.  I say to you:  Embrace every thought you have, it is a gift.  Ensure you trust your forward actions, to see it through with love.  What value can you add to this world.  Understand that the mundane is nothing but a sense of perspective.  The collective actions and thought of a better world will help you develop the humanity we all dream of.  Just realize the selfishness that is corrosive, remove it, and bring in the self love that is needed to grow for now…

There really isn’t much more left to say but embrace the moment, and know today I have left this world in love.  And trust that I may meet you all again.  In due time, in the right time, in ways you and I could never imagine.

But have you ever felt the unimaginable?  When you meet those travelers from the past lives.  You ALL know exactly what I mean.  Its in our blood - we vibrate it in our frequencies.  Some of you helped me, and those of you I helped.  I am forever indebted to you, for you saved me from myself, and showed me that existence is far more magnificent than I ever knew.

Good night, if you will, amen, till we meet again.  Life is but a blip on the radar.  Make it mean something.

I am not gone, cause we are forever.

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Humanity to a dragon

Ring, sit, escape
Maybe just relax and accept this moment
Realize that you’ve made itbthis far for a purpose
Or maybe you can only see it from view of logic and fluke.
The probable view of destiny is never clear.
But we must be empathic to humanity.
Look up.
Feel the love of this universe amongst the stellar destruction of all the stars.
For something as fragile and beautiful as this earth to have arisen means much more than you or me.
Lets dismantle hate and fear.
Eradicate killing and control.
Emancipation from the rule.
Stand up for humanity.
Regain your faith.
We are the ancestors of the brilliant and the fortunate.
Be resilient!

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the green rose forest

Come and walk with me, through the green rose forest.

See every leaf illuminated with the essence of life.

Smile with shimmering majesty as the mist of life refracts the scene.

Making you vibrant to the surroundings.

And the earth breaths in the joy of existence, it makes all so clear.

The taproot of happy childhood laughter which is filling your soul, has always remained.

The trees beat the drum of your heart, destiny is calling you…

go fulfill your dreams fellow traveller.  This life is yours.

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When I escape to love

I hold on

…and its endless melancholy, gracefully sends me down.
A glissade deep into sorrow.
For love? …or this is a new archetype of misery?

So do I dare vociferate your name,
unmasking my passion across creation?
These words flow like the river of rainbows,
of neon glitter glows.

this is me

In the darkness.
I Illuminate.
Can you see me now?

so I let go

Words to songs, hear the notes that stroke your heart.
The music of the river, beats to you today.
Have I escaped?
But I balk at my reflection.

This is the complex.
The synergy of soul to ego.
Will love save me?

Ill save you

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The Crystal Mountain

The technological singularity encapsulates those of us who are born on the Crystal Mountain.

Breathing life into infinity, as viewed by the aurora of time.

Atop the peak of our consciousness, silver struck, yet limited a dot.

The moon tells one everything,

laying its light upon a darkend land.

Then the stars awaken to blind us all,

yet they deliver us this possiblity.

But before the dawn of life, lies dust in death,

you rock on an old wooden porch, viewing the land.

feel yourself, the last living thing on the planet, cold,

but to be swept with the wind running high, the clouds roaring by.

The soft sound of the wind chime rings.

You think this has happened before,

a past world of lives once told.

breathe in young soul, be delivered from time.

We are limitless, in the circle of time.

Through the vortex of life, a new place is created.

Born through the womb,

to open your eyes.

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the axiomatic faith

Does it only take one occurrence of serendipity

on the lithest thread of hope

that a new life may granted

upon a dark, quixotic past.

Now crossing the threshold of existence.

Such as the balmy intentions of the Rocky Mountains,

spreading its ideals through the Chinook.

Soaring like angel wings across the prairie,

melting away the hoarfrost of a mid winters day.

Allowing the impassioned drop of water to fall from the leaves,

drawing the fervent sunshine of renewal into its heart.

Each new drip radiating an incadescent glow of serenity,

falling to the world ablaze with bliss.

Engrossing her attention to the revival of her elated soul.

The dew drop splashes.

Transforming pain into exultant freedom,

released to a resplendent future.

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a lovers past

im speaking with words from love
and she weeps with sorrow
the river, the life blood echoing her misery
a current across the planet,
never awakening to her potential
and I the self proclaimed hero,
to unbind her from her misery.
but in this action I am wrong,
and helped her to be defeated.
Like a blind arrow shot into the night
firing Through —-》 the heart of her light
allowing the demons to tear a rift
to overcome her reality
what can I do to save her from this
why do my words not comfort, but twist.
such an angel lies behind her misfortunes.
I know its there, it eminates
she has a greatness to shine upon this life.
so I ask the winds of tomorrow,
to bind with them a new light,
to break away the sorrows void
encapsulate her soul
please bring her love

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Every day the stream of life cuts away at the shores of our souls, only revealing a more beautiful world. Eleveated beyond beauty.